Beginner Golf Series – Part 3 – Driving Range Practice – Golf Test Dummy

Beginner Golf Series – Part 3 – Driving Range Practice – Golf Test Dummy

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Continuing the Beginner Series, Episode 3 centers around a simple concept; Develop a basic set of skills on the driving range before trying to get on the golf course.

When you’re learning to drive, you would never plop behind the wheel and jump out on the interstate would you? No. You start on a closed course like a parking lot or even your driveway to get a feel for it. After some time, you develop some skill and start to feel more comfortable with all of the elements involved and gradually, build up to the open road.

The same logic that applies to almost everything else in life applies to golf.

Start on the range with simple things first like chipping and pitching. This will help you start building a swing. After all, the smaller shots should be fairly similar to full shots, in that they require a setup, grip, and a back and through motion that propels the golf ball a particular distance in front of you. The more lofted the club, in general, the easier it is to produce a desirable result. So start with shorter, more lofted clubs, and work your way up. Don’t rush things along. Allow the natural progression that works for YOU to happen in it’s own time.

Another piece of advice, as I have said before, would be to do a bit of research in to some unconventional golf methods. If it sounds like a complicated series of movements that are going to require a lot of timing and coordination, it may be best to keep looking. The best swing models for amateurs are those that have 3 or 4 fundamentals, a single swing thought over the ball, and doesn’t require a huge amount of time everyday to “stay sharp”. Also, if you find that the teaching method and swing model you are studying requires several different swings throughout the different shots needed to play, again, look elsewhere. Search for methods that require 1 way to approach all shots. It will simplify your life and serve you well.

I personally am a firm believer in the Jim Venetos method. However, everyone is different, so to give you a head start on some other channels that can be of great help, here are a few I think are head and shoulders above conventional golf methodology.

Shawn Clement – He has been teaching for a long time and is a YouTube veteran. His approach is very task oriented in that, he compares the swing to other acts that everyone is familiar with, but don’t struggle to perform. Cutting grass, casting a fishing line, throwing a hammer, driving a nail, etc.

Zen Golf or Robin Matthews-Williams – This is as close as you can imagine to a “natural” golf swing method. The basis is to forget about positions and managing conventional checkpoints, and instead, a focus on footwork and gravity to govern your swing.

Channel Lock – These guys are a very nice bunch and love to help people. Their method uses a back ball position, a simple setup, and very natural swinging motions. It involves 1 swing for all clubs and they interact with people on their channel constantly.

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