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What does an amateur golfer learn in their second lesson? Basics, basics, basics.

Welcome to The GolfHackr and welcome to Episode 4 of Scratch22. My name is Sage and through The GolfHackr I’ll be documenting my journey, attempting to become a scratch golfer by the end of 2022.

In this video I share some additional highlights from just my second lesson with Caroline. Firstly she demonstrates how I currently generate absolutely no power from my hindmost leg, and how I can start to use it more in the swing – and then she shares some simple tips for chipping in and around the greens.

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Thanks for watching! Let’s do the work.

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0:00 – The GolfHackr Intro
0:11 – Intro to Episode 4
0:40 – Caroline shares how to move away from the ball and maintain power in both your legs
4:45 – Caroline shares a very basic approach for chipping
6:45 – I share what’s coming up next for Scratch22

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