Basic YOGA ASANAS for GOOD HEALTH – for Beginners and all Age Groups | Beginners Yoga at Home

Basic YOGA ASANAS for Good Health – Beginners + All Age groups | Beginners Yoga at home

Some easy basic beginners yoga asanas to practice at home and start your journey towards good health…how does that sound? In this video I share with you few basic yoga poses that can be done by all age groups easily at home and will guarantee good health for everyone.

This is a 12 minute beginners yoga routine where I have focused on the very basic yoga poses keeping in mind beginners who want to go deeper into the realm of yoga. With offices and gyms mostly being closed, these yoga poses will help you strengthen, detox, develop focus all at the same time. Yoga can be done by everyone and it has no preset requirements. You just have to start somewhere and this video will help you to start your yoga journey. Also, this is a follow along video, so grab your mats and let’s do this together!! Also belated ‘Happy International Yoga Day’.

0:00 Intro
0:48 Sukhasana / Easy Pose
02:09 Parivritta Sukhasana / Seated Twist
03:35 Badhakonasana / Butterfly Pose
04:40 Cat and Cow Pose
06:25 Tadasana / Mountain Pose
08:06 Trikonasana / Triangle Pose
10:21 Vrikshasana / Tree Pose
12:42 Shavasana / Corpse Pose

Stay home, stay healthy, stay productive!!!

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