Ball Above Feet – How to Hit Golf Shots on a Sidehill

Ball Above Feet Lies – Golf lesson and golf tips on how to adjust your setup and swing in order to hit shots on a sidehill where the ball is located above your feet.

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When you are dealing with sidehill lies, you will want to determine what the slope will do to you while you try and swing at the ball, and what the slope will do to the ball when it is hit.

Whenever faced with a sidehill lie, keeping yourself in balance is a priority.

Specifically, in this instance you’ll want to avoid hitting shots fat. In order to protect yourself you will want to grip down on the club until the clubhead is behind the ball. You’ll want to club up in order to counter the fact you are using a smaller club because of the gripping down adjustment.

By nature and because of the lie conditions, your swing will be flat in nature.

And the natural tendency for the shot will be to draw or hook, so you’ll want to aim right of the target.

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