Bad Tasting Water, Leaving Your Home, Noisy Motorcycles, and More on Mailbag Monday

In today’s edition of Mailbag Monday, the Newcomers discuss Lots of issues that might concern you if you are considering retiring to The Villages or many other retirement communities in Florida. Letting go of your life elsewhere, fees, motorcycles, The American Flag and more are discussed.

Jerry and Linda bring you information that they hope will enhance your retirement.
The channel is more than just The Villages. It features episodes designed to inspire retirees to make the most of their golden years. Kayaking, hiking, golfing, music, travel and other things of interest to senior citizens more are featured.

“See you when you get here!”

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All information and opinions in our videos are ours alone and not guaranteed as accurate. We are not endorsed by The Villages, Florida. Any information provided is our way of trying to share answers to questions we had when moving to Florida.

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