Ask Anything from How It All Began to Where did the Emperor Dine?

We went to Patreon and asked our patrons to ask us anything and they responded with a multitude of questions ranging from serious to wacky. We will tell you our origin story, favourite games, and where we think the Emperor of Mankind would have dined.

We took all the questions and ran them into our incredibly sophisticated random generator which selected 28 for us to answer.

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0:00 Introduction
0:19 Will there be Blood Angels | More How To
01:19 What is your favourite part. Paint? Play?
02:18 Can you do a challenge series with local players?
03:33 Will there be a Crusade series?
04:06 Is it possible to do multiple army battles? House rules?
05:38 What does each faction smell like?
06:30 What non-GW games might be on the channel?
07:39 Death Company?
08:06 Photography tips and tricks?
10:10 Will you do Advanced How To Play Warhammer 40k?
11:33 Genestealer Cult?
12:15 First painted mini?
14:47 Most evil faction in 40k?
15:42 What does 40k mean to you?
20:09 What new army would you play?
22:55 Raven Guard?
23:40 Where do the Tabletop ideas come from?
24:37 How did Play On Tabletop start?
26:50 Is this person the Emperor of Mankind?
27:18 Tau Nick on Social Media?
27:56 More Army Showcases?
29:12 Emperor’s favourite fast food chain?
29:53 Getting siblings into the hobby?
31:09 Backgrounds of Play On Team Members?
33:18 Picking players for the channel?
34:45 Woman on the channel?
35:58 Signs for Nick?
36:36 What excites you about future plans?


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