Arnab Goswami Vs Mumbai Police: Witch Hunt or Karma Knocking? | The Deshbhakt With Akash Banerjee

First nine months of the year #ArnabGoswami spent witch-hunting political opponents of the Govt, the minority community & Bollywood stars. In the last three, Mumbai police seems to be extending the same courtesy to him!

The Battle between Arnab Goswami and Mumbai Police Commissioner #ParimBirSingh has been dubbed as ‘unprecedented’; and while it does appear that Mumbai Police is going after Republic – all guns blazing – it is not something that should surprise folks are #RepublicTV who have honed the skill of witch hunting to a fine art.

Here are some of the instances where Republic sacrificed journalism to the fire and chose the popular medieval form of witch hunt to garner more views and money.

Viewer Discretion is advised – (since this episode contains clips from Republic)

Chapter Head

00:00 – Republic TV and Earwax
01:20 – Is the Mumbai Police really conducting a witch hunt against Arnab?
04:00 – Arnab getting a taste of his own medicine?
05:00 – The Anti-National 9pm witch hunt we have seen over the years
09:30 – How Arnab manages to silence any questions
11:03 – The age old art of insinuation for eyeballs and TRP

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