Are You a Golf Surgeon or Slasher?

We all want to shoot great scores but what is more important to me is that you play quality golf. Quality golf is the opposite of trying to hit it as far as you can and then navigate the outcome. I consider that slashing golf. Quality golf is hitting fairways and greens and having great technique so that every day you play – you are consistent. This is what I consider quality golf. This is what Moe called a 365 day swing.

In this video I give you a bit of motivation and discuss how to become a 365 day quality golfer.

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About the Single Plane Swing:

The Single Plane golf swing is not a quick fix golf technique. It is a system, beginning at address, that simplifies the most important moment of the golf swing – impact.

Starting at address on two planes where the arms hang straight down at address, the Conventional golf swing is complicated. Because the arms are hanging straight down, a conventional golfer must lift the body into impact creating stress on the back.

This upward movement to accommodate the two planes is unnecessary.

The Single Plane Golf swing simplifies the golf swing by eliminating the need for the upward movement by starting and impacting on the same plane.

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