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Free Golf Tips for Beginners – Women, Men, Children, Left Handed, Right Handed

There are many different websites and publications out there that offer great golf tips for beginners, but some of them miss the basics. Without the basics you can ruin your game of golf before it ever begins.

Which Of The Top Rated Golf Drivers Would You Put In Your Bag?

The top ten golf drivers in the market today vary in terms of characteristics and appeal. Certain brands may be considered the best depending on golfers’ capabilities and personal preferences. There are outstanding drivers for seasoned golfers, and there are ultra forgiving options for those with a high handicap.

Golf Life

Drug enforcement agencies throughout the world named methamphetamine hydrochloride as the “poor man’s” cocaine. It is a metaphor that illustrates that cocaine is really by far more expensive. There are other things in this society that when compared to others truly stand out as far as price is compared. Take golf for instance. As with all other sports, golf stands out as a sport for the rich or the “fat-wallet-ed.” It is delineated from its other counterparts mainly for the expenses that it incurs.

Be Good at Tee Time With Golf Hypnosis

When you’re in a golf course, you just don’t want to play the game. You want to win it. Winning, after all, provides a different type of euphoria.

Golf Putting Tips For The Golfing Beginner

How often have you been frustratingly close to making a putt just to come up short? Or maybe you have simply just missed the pin to check out your golf ball go cruising past having a ridiculous amount of length for that returning putt.

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How Do You Maintain a Flexible Golf Swing?

How do you maintain a flexible golf swing? Well by keeping yourself flexible you may say, well how do you do that? Yoga is a great way to keep yourself flexible as well as fit and healthy. Whether you are old or young, Yoga is one of the best ways to keep the body flexible as well as developing better posture.

How to Stretch Correctly and Help Your Muscles to Play Well

If you are going to take up golf or are a regular golfer do you know how to stretch correctly and moreover do you have a set routine to follow so that you are helping to increase your flexibility and therefore have a better round of golf without any discomfort. You need to invest time in your body way before you worry about the best clubs to buy as without a body in good condition your clubs will be of no benefit to you, now this does not need to be at a great cost or consume…

Gifts For A Golf Player Now

It is very much important that you know how to give a special gift to a person who is into the golf. It is a challenge to do it but surely, there are tips that will guide you to do it right. Keep them in mind for you to choose the best.

Golf Fitting Not an Exact Science

Golf Fitting is not an easy task for your fitter. How do you find a good fitter. A good fitter is the key to getting you the best clubs for your game. What to look out for and avoid.

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Eliminate Golf Injuries – Upper Body Stretches

As golfers, one of the most aggravating things we must cope with is injuries related to the golf swing. Once they occur, sometimes only rest will cure an ailment, and that takes us away from the activity we love to do. But to eliminate golf injuries, or even less severe aches and pains, we must have an understanding of what causes these ailments, and then take a preventive maintenance approach to insure a healthy body.

Golf Downswing

There are several components to the swing, but one of the most critical of these components is the golf downswing. The reason the downswing is so important is because so much can go wrong with just a slight incorrect movement of the body, causing the golf shot to be ruined. Many beginners are overwhelmed by the downswing and assume they can never learn the proper technique to hitting long, consistent, under-control shots. The purpose of this article is to enlighten golfers of any skill level and give some important insight about the downswing in addition to some tips to keep in mind the next time you’re on the course.

Here Are Some Practical Beginners Golf Tips

I have seen it happen way too many times. A new golfer steps up to the golf ball for the first time in their life. Nervous as can be. After settling over the golf ball for two minutes they finally pull the trigger. The ball promptly flies 70 yards right of their intended target and lands into the green-side pond.

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