A Strong Golf Grip Will Not Fix Your Driver Slice (Driver Swing)

If you stuggle with a driver swing that produces a golf slice, you you probably have heard to use a strong grip for how to hold a golf club.

Well, if you have heard that advice and you are watching this golf instruction video, we both know how that advice went.

Yes, you can use a strong golf grip and it may temporarily fix the problem. But chances are good that it ends up being a Band-Aid fix for your golf swing that does not address the real issue.

So what is your real driver slice cause? Let’s address that, as well as how to fix it, but first let’s go over a few things.

What is a Strong Grip?

For starters, when we discuss grip strength, we are talking about how the lead hand holds the golf club. If you are right handed golfer, that would be the left hand, while the right hand is the lead if you play on the left hand side of the ball.

Now, there are basically three types of grip strength: strong, neutral, and weak. Most people would agree that with a neutral grip, when you look down at the lead hand, you will see the top two knuckles. For a stronger grip, your hands will rotate over and show more knuckles (3 or more). A weak grip will rotate the hands the other way, and show no knuckles.

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