A Great Takeaway Drill (This Fixed My Takeaway)

Here is a great takeaway drill you can be doing to fix your takeaway.

Many years ago I would pull the club to the inside on the takeaway. This is because I am right handed and this stronger hand kept pulling the club back inside. To fix my takeaway I started doing this drill. I did this daily every chance I could and within no time I fixed my takeaway allowing the club to go back on a slight arc.

Not all people take the club back too far inside. Some pick the club up. If this is you this is a great takeaway drill for you too and it will allow you to also fix your takeaway.

Any time I post drills like this I am worried that people will try something 3 times and quit. For me it probably took me 2-3 weeks of constant practice and this was every day. So learn this great takeaway drill and keep doing it until it fixes your takeaway too.

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In this tip I want to show you a drill I Used to do this drill constantly A long time ago so this drill stopped me From pulling the golf club way to the Inside so I'm a right-handed person Playing golf right-handed so I was Always fighting That I wanted to pull the club back with My right hand so you can see when I pull It back with my right it goes way inside Okay so I was really trying to stop that So what I would do I would do this drill And why this drill I kind of like this Drill and did a lot is because I could Actually hit perfect shots doing this Drill And that's the big part to drills drills Are not fun usually people don't like to Do drills people have never done drills I teach very few drills okay because you Know I can usually make changes without Getting people to do drills but Sometimes I got to give you a little Drill okay or the person's out here I Give them a little drill Well they do it like three times and Then they stop it's like you know you're Doing a drill to get used to a feeling To then put that feeling into your swing That's why you're doing the drill Okay so this one is a little different Because you can do the drill and still Hit good shots Perfect shots really

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So this one people kind of like to do This all right so it's pretty simple We're gonna take our setup position like This We're going to go from here so we got a Letter Y between our arms and the club All we're going to do we're going to Move that letter Y to our back leg right Here Okay just where your hands are off of Your back leg right here you're checking To see if you've got the letter Y now if You went like this See there's no way on Earth you would Have that letter Y right there Okay you could even put a club on the Ground like that Go from here to here like everything Should match up perfectly right there Okay so Here I am letter y I'm gonna move my Shoulders to move that y to my back leg So from right here okay check the face Okay we don't want the face looking like That or looking like that it's pretty Easy that face is in line With the placket on your shirt right Here see the grooves and the face the Leading Edge So that's in line all I'm doing I'm Moving it from there to there that's it So it's still in line If you went like this okay that does not Match your shirt right here or your

Breast bone right here okay that would Be closed so we're going from here To here stop check it okay I used to do That three times so I'd go one Two Three Okay I can see that I didn't go inside Or outside Then I would go up And hit it Okay and I could literally just sit There and I would sit there Hitting ball after ball after all hour After hour after hour because I really Wanted to fix that takeaway I just hated Pulling that Golf Club way to the inside So I would just tee up another ball I'd Do it off a tee okay because it's a Little easier when you do it off a tee Just sit there one Two Three Stop okay now go up And hit it All right and you just keep doing that Over and over I'll do it from down the Line here so right here I'm going One Two Three Hold it okay now you go up And hit it Okay so give that a drill a try give That drill a try

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Especially if you have takeaway issues So many people I see go like this Okay they hinge their wrists right here That activates your hands A lot of people I see fan the club open Or kind of roll it A few people I see Take It Outside Okay so if I keep seeing this on a Regular basis then you know a lot of People have trouble taking the golf club Back so why not get in the habit of Doing a little drill like this Then you'll be able to see how the club Should be working back You can see it right there okay once you Check it and go up and hit it start Getting used to that over and over and Over then you'll fix your takeaway I Truly hope you've enjoyed this tip Here's another tip that's going to help You improve your swing now right below That don't forget to click on that link Because I'm going to send you some free Samples of my body swing book and video Series that'll take you step by step by Step through how to build a powerful Effortless pain-free golf swing