8 Things You’re Doing Wrong When Driving Fast

You might find yourself driving fast if you’re late for work, need to be on time for an appointment, or want to get to your destination as quickly as possible. Even if you stay under the speed limit, there are certain things that can put you at risk of an accident and should be avoided.

For instance, blaring out your favorite songs while driving fast might not be such a good idea. A 2013 study conducted at Ben-Gurion University in Israel tested 85 teenagers on their driving skills while listening to music. While listening to their favorite songs, 98% of them made errors. While listening to easy-going music like soft rock or jazz, only 77% of them made mistakes. If you’re driving fast, it’s best to keep the radio off. If you wanna learn how you can drive fast and be a responsible driver for yourself, your passengers, and other cars in the vicinity, watch our new video!

Turning the steering wheel incorrectly 0:56
Coasting 1:48
Not keeping your eyes on the road 2:45
Distracted driving 3:46
Listen to your favorite tunes 4:33
Staying too close to other cars 5:22
Driving fast despite bad weather conditions 6:30
Incorrect hand position 7:39

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– If your airbag is deployed while you are turning your wheel with an incorrect movement, the force of the airbag could send your hand flying into your face and cause serious damage.
– Coasting can be accomplished by holding down the clutch pedal or setting the car’s gear in neutral.
– In a 6-second period, drivers who text take their eyes off the road for 4.6 seconds, in which time a pedestrian could cross the road, traffic could come to a full stop, or an animal could get in the way.
– A study conducted at Memorial University of Newfoundland found that listening to loud music can slow down someone’s reaction time by 20%.
– Loud music isn’t the only thing that can distract you! Your favorite songs (at a normal volume) can also do the trick.
– The recommendation is to double or even triple your distance between cars. A good way of judging this distance is if the car ahead of you passes a landmark, it should take 6 seconds before you pass it.
– When the weather gets bad, like when it’s raining or when a huge amount of falling snow threatens your visibility, it’s time to slow down. Unfortunately, not everyone does that.
– If you hold the steering wheel with one hand or hold it lower than recommended (perhaps at the “8 and 4 o’clock” positions), this will lessen your control of the car.

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