7 EASY WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR CONTACT! [Baseball Hitting Tips for Better Contact]

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In this video we are talking about how to have better contact when hitting a baseball. These 7 easy ways to improve your contact will not only make you a better contact hitter, but it will give you the confidence to improve other areas of your baseball swing as well. These baseball hitting tips for better contact will work but if and only if you put them to use. So please be sure to watch the whole video and implement the hitting tips and baseball hitting drills mentioned inside. Here are the 7 easy ways to improve your contact when hitting a baseball:

1) Make sure you’ve got the correct size bat! Here’s a great video that will help you with that:

2) Have better timing! Here’s a great video I made about how to improve your timing for hitting:

3) Have a good swing plane! Check out my Swing Plane Secrets Video Series here:

4) Swing a wood bat!

5) Hit Heavy Balls!

6) Train Small with Mini Wiffle Balls:

7) Practice!


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