6 Ways Of Gripping A Putter, Golfing Tips For Beginners

6 Ways Of Gripping A Putter, Golfing Tips For Beginners.

Tiger Woods once said about his putting routine, “A pre-putt routine helps you stay nice and relaxed so you can make the best stroke possible.” Even the greats need to maintain a consistent routine and program when it comes to their putting. Putting is an art form that no one ever really masters. Instead, we learn to stay consistent with our style, routine, mindset, and attitude… and then hope for good greens!

What are the different ways to grip a putter? Putter grip can vary in several ways. You can cross fingers, overlap hand, or spread the hands out. There are five distinct ways to hold a putter. The most common is called the conventional or reverse overlap, and the least common is the broomstick.

When looking at different ways to change up your putting grip, it is essential to compare what you are doing to what the most successful are doing. There are advantages and disadvantages to all putting grips that you need to consider along with what is comfortable for you. This article will lay out the most common to the rarest, putting grips, give you the benefits and negatives of each, and clue you into the pros who use each grip.

Why Are Some Putting Grips More Common Than Others?
The conventional putting grip, also known as the reverse overlap grip, is used the most in the PG and among novice golfers. The reverse overlap is a tremendous all-around secure grip. It combines the steady standard grip you use throughout your whole game and makes it a bit more slide through the wrists.

Compared to the conventional reverse overlap putting grip, the broomstick is in a whole other category. The hands are spread just about a wide as you can get, and the security you have with the locked tightness of the reverse overlap is entirely replaced by a sense of security in the balance of the legs.

The truth is, some putting grips are more common than others because they are very close to what the golfer uses for all of their other shots. Changing up a grip from what a player does on the fairway can really make it hard to have consistency throughout a whole round.

What Are The Best Putting Grips?
In a post on Instagram by the putting company Smartline Putting, the Top 70 FedEx Cup finishers on the PGA Tour in 2019 were separated into groups based on their putting grips.

Out of the 75 top finishers, the Conventional or Reverse Overlap grip was used by 48 players or 68.5%, The Left-Hand Low grip was used by nine players or 12.9%, The Claw was used by six players or 8.6%, The Arm-Lock was used by four players or 5.6%, The Arm-Lock With The Claw was used by two players or 2.8%, and the Broomstick was used by one player or 1.4% of the top finishers in the 2019 FedEx cup.

#1 Most Used Putting Grip In The 2019 FedEx Cup: Conventional, Reverse Overlap.
The conventional putter grip is also known by the configuration of the hands-on the club, which is in a reverse overlap position. This is the most common grip in the game and was in the 2019 FedEx cup by far.
The conventional putter grip is so popular because it replicates the same kind of hold that a player would use in their standard shot on the fairway or chipping. It takes the standard grip and locks the wrists a bit more for stability and overall control. Since the wrists are locked for security, the grip actually helps them to move and work together to limit unwanted movement away from the path the putter is sending the ball on.
Some of the most famous players to use the Conventional or Reverse Overlap putter grip are Tiger Woods and Roy McIlroy.

#2 Most Used Putting Grip In The 2019 FedEx Cup: The Left-Hand Low.
A very distant second most popular putter grip used by PGA tour players is The Left-Hand Low grip. This grip forces your shoulders to be more level when you strike the ball. Also, your dominant hand is giving the swing the power, aiding in a more nuanced shot. The leveling of the shoulders keep the stroke low and level through ball-strike. Finally, if you are a left-handed player, your right hand would be the one that is lower than the other.

Some of the most famous players to use The Left-Hand Low putter grip that forces you to cross the hands over each other are Jordan Spieth and Alex Noren. It is interesting to note that The Left-Hand Low putter grip is said to be more challenging to hold, and it is the younger PGA tour players that decide to use this grip. Maybe they feel like they have the strength to keep this particular grip.

#3 Most Used Putting Grip In The 2019 FedEx Cup: The Claw
The intense name of The Claw putting grip comes from the angle that the hand is held at while

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