#6 Stretch – Laying Double Leg Stretch with MyStretchBar – Hamstring and lower back stretches

Stretching tips and tricks to be more flexible!
Stretch your legs and back in seconds!

Stretch your hamstrings, glutes, and lower back with MYSTRETCHBAR and the Standing Double Leg Stretch #6.

This video is for those who can’t touch their toes!
Use MyStretchBar for more flexible hamstrings and lower back.

– be sore, no more!

MyStretchBar is a revolutionary stretching and fitness device that is like having your own personal trainer for stretching. Utilizing patent pending geometric design, MyStretchbar provides stability and control for achieving stretches from five positions: sitting, standing, kneeling, laying, and lunging.

Complete with the Hanging Guide to Assisted Stretching, which includes 18 full body stretches from five positions, performed in less than 5 minutes, MyStretchBar is an essential tool for athletes, golfers, fitness folks, wellness folks, seniors, and therapeutic stretchers. With MyStretchBar you can have the benefits of assisted stretching at the gym, on the field, at the golf course, while traveling, or at home – with MyStretchBar, you can even stretch in bed or at the office!

Visit us for stretching tips and routines: www.mystretchbar.com

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