5 Driving Tips for New Drivers from Pros

Your driving lessons are finally done. Your driver’s license is now in your hands, and you’re ready to set off into the sunset with your car. But there’s a lot of responsibility when it comes to driving, and even though it might not feel this way at first – knowing how to handle certain situations can be a true lifesaver.

Even with the slightest experience you get as a new driver, you might already feel like you know everything about the road. But there are a lot of things that you need to experience first-hand in order to know what you need to do. Here’re some great examples to help you prepare.

Driving in bad weather 2:01
Driving at Nighttime 5:58
Running off the road 7:12
Let’s talk about Urban Driving 7:58
Don’t forget the Interstate Driving 8:46

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– When it’s raining, make sure your headlights are on, even in the daytime. That’ll help you be more visible to oncoming vehicles, and it’ll also help you see clearer.
– Always wear sunglasses, and keep your visor down when it’s needed. But that’s not enough: make sure you go slower in these conditions to give yourself enough time to react when you need to.
– Foggy spells can be truly unexpected, especially during the Fall, when patches of fogginess appear around the roads in the morning. In this situation, always keep your headlights on and be alert.
– First things first, even when you’re confident with your driving, make sure you drive around at night a few times to familiarize yourself with it.
– One thing you should keep in mind is to dim your lights when you come across an oncoming car. It’s unbelievably easy to be blinded by someone’s high beams and go off the road.
– If car accidentally runs off the road, the first thing you need to do is get your foot off the gas and try to guide the car towards the pavement.
– When you’re driving in an urban area, be aware the whole time. Don’t let yourself lose attention at any point.
– Driving on the interstate teaches you what driving in heavy traffic conditions really feels like. And one thing that you’ll learn from that is how to merge with the rest of the traffic, how to change lanes correctly, and how to take an exit.
– You should learn to look over your shoulder, as well, and make sure that there are no other vehicles in your “blind Spot”.

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