45-Minute Mobility Workout by Ray Bailey # 48 – Stick Mobility Exercises

45-minute mobility workout # 48 with Stick Mobility Coach Ray Bailey featuring three parts: Joint Mobilization, Strength Training, and Active Stretching. In # 48 Ray uses a kettlebell along with the sticks during windmills to help drill, keep the arms straight, and the spine stable. You’ll also use the kettlebell for a Romanian deadlift to help drive the sticks back into the wall. Ray finishes the class with a core strengthening drill. You’ll need 2 long sticks (6-7ft), a kettlebell, and somewhere to anchor the stick for this workout.

Thank you to Ray for leading this workout! 🙏

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Stick Mobility is a training system that improves your mobility, stability, and strength.

It combines joint mobilization, strength training, and active stretching to increase athletic performance, reduce risk of injury, and accelerate recovery.

The system uses the Mobility Stick as a simple tool to improve range of motion, muscle activation, coordination, and body awareness to build a strong foundation for better movement. It provides kinesthetic and visual feedback to users and coaches. The sticks are designed for professional use in gyms, medical facilities, and on the sports field. They can be used outdoors, are 100% waterproof, and easy to clean. They are made with a custom blend of synthetic plastic and natural rubber to achieve the balance of flexibility, strength, and grip needed for the full range of Stick Mobility exercises.

The system is based on the scientific principles of leverage, stability, feedback, irradiation, isometrics, and coordination and is accredited by:

– Personal Training Academy Global
– National Academy of Sports Medicine
– Aerobics & Fitness Association of America
– National College of Exercise Professionals
– National Strength & Conditioning Association

We focus on helping coaches, athletes, and medical practitioners. From pro athletes to personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches to physical therapists and chiropractors. Each one of them views movement from a different perspective. We work with them to understand how to apply the Stick Mobility principles into how they view movement with the goal of helping them reach their full potential.

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