4 Step Process To Better Shots ( Are You Doing This?)

In this week’s video, Steve takes you through a 4 step process to hitting better shots.
– Target
– Routine
– Commitment
– Acceptance
Picking the correct target to suit your ability and shot shape, Visualizing the correct shot you should play, picking the right club and being comfortable is the first step
Now it routine time, finding a ‘Feel’ or ‘Structured ‘ Preshot routine is really important to the ‘Process’ of finding your best skills when they matter most.
( If you need help with this please email Steve or Glen on admin@aussiegolfpros.com )
Commitment is the 3rd step. This is arguable the most important part because if you have gone through your process but you can’t go ‘ unconscious’ to hit the shot, you can’t let go of the outcome?… then you cannot access your best skills and ultimately will have a higher rate of failure.
Last but by no means least is ‘ Acceptance’ ( This is the most important step for me) regardless of the shot outcome, good or bad…. you must ‘ Accept what is’ and move on with a smile. Past and future thinking have no place on the Golf Course. Stay present, practice perspective, gratitude, and joy for being out there and playing this amazing game….

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