3 Simple Tips to Lower your Golf Handicap!

How To Hit The Golf Ball

When you were a child did you strike stones with a stick? You are an adult now who is still trying to hit the golf ball with a golf club. Childhood stones became the golf balls and your stick became a golf club. The only difference between then and now is the rules of the game and how to hit the golf ball into a designated target.

How Do You Find Great Golf Training Reviews?

Jack wasn’t really the kind of man who put a lot of faith in other people’s opinions about products, and he made his purchasing decisions based in large part on marketing hype from the manufacturers, as well as the reviews that his very trusted friends and close family offered to him. When it was time to buy new golf training equipment, though, Jack found himself in a quandary because very few of his friends and family were golfers and none had bought new clubs recently.

How To Drive The Golf Ball Off The Tee

Start your golf game by hitting from the teeing ground into the fairway. The concern which golfers have is how to drive the golf ball off the tee with a strong stroke which will give the distance to get as close to the intended target.

Golf Instructions To Improve Your Game

You have developed an interest in golf as a new hobby and you are ready to learn the game. You have started reading golf magazines and books to make sure you truly have an interest in this sport. It will be to your benefit to take golf instructions in order to learn and acquire essential skills.

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How Should You Go About Reading Golf Training Reviews?

My friend Aiden had always been very interested in golf and spent a lot of time reading reviews of various products, training devices and other equipment. He was very interested in improving his game and now that he was in his 40s, he had more time to work on it. He played at least once a week and was able to get to the driving range a couple more times each week, yet it seemed like the more he practiced, the rougher he got.

What Are the Different Golf Training Program Options Available Today?

Henry had only been playing golf for a few months, and while he found golf much later in life than many of his friends did, he had developed an incredible love of the game right away. He truly loved spending beautiful afternoons on the course with his golfing buddies, but he was already growing frustrated with the game because his friends’ years of experience on the course showed off skills that Henry just did not have. Henry decided to spend time looking into a golf training program so he could play against his friends more competitively.

Why Should You Read a Golf Training Guide?

Karl was enjoying a wonderfully peaceful round of midweek golf, making his way from hole to hole on his own without the company of his regular golfing buddies. When he stopped at the midway clubhouse for a bite to eat, he noticed that other golfers had the same idea about golfing solo for the day. Many of these golfers, however, were not gazing at the scenery while they ate but instead were reading books.

Are You Looking for Golf Training Equipment for Beginners?

Unlike many people, Frank was completely new to golfing and had never so much as picked up a club in his life. He had worked hard throughout his life, and now that he was retiring he was ready to try out new things and enjoy new experiences, and golfing was one of the activities he had always wanted to do but never had the time.

Is an Online Golf Training Course a Good Option?

George had always enjoyed golfing, but he never took the game seriously. He had always approached it as an uncompetitive way to relax outdoors with friends, so he never really considered any type of training to improve his game or refine his mechanics until just recently. He had been working hard at the office and had recently received a great promotion that, among other things, required him to start golfing with professional colleagues.

How Can You Learn New Techniques Besides Using Golf Swing Training Aids?

Dillon had been golfing for many years, and he had just finally decided to make a concerted effort to improve his skills and really master the game. He had already tried out a few golf swing training aids that his golfing buddies had recommended, but Dillon was not a traditional, hands-on learner. Plus, he was really interested in learning more of the theory and mechanics rather than just mimicking motions over and over, so he wanted to find some alternatives or supplements to these aids.

Golf Swing Analysis For The Perfect Golf Swing
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Long distance, strength and consistency in hitting the golf ball are very important in the golf swing analysis of the golf driver club. Correcting your golf strokes will minimize losing strokes to slicing, hooking or topping the golf ball.

Two Golf Tips To Stop Losing Your Golf Grip On Hot And Humid Days

If you find your golf grip is slipping when you’re playing on hot, humid days because of your hands sweating then you will want to read this article now. In this article I’m going to explain a couple of simple golf tips that will help you to stop the golf grip from slipping as you’re swinging your golf club.

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