3 quick ways to lower your handicap

🚨 3 quick ways to lower your handicap

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Developing a neutral flight with chipping and pitching is the foundation blocks. Learning the adjustments to lower and raise the flight/spin mean you can get up and down from most spots

Finding a go to shot off the tees really does take all the pressure off your tee ball game. Long iron/hybrid, 3 wood, low driver, cut driver anything that you have a High % chance of repeating. Whenever the hole has hazards/ OB that are in play it’s normal to feel apprehension, going to a shot you have high confidence in will up the chances of a good swing.

As there are so many Putting styles it really comes down to time spent working on a few fundamentals. Getting comfortable starting the ball down your intended line, striking the centre of the putter face gives speed control. And I find working on short putts you see the ball go in the hole a lot upping your confidence.

If you can hole out well inside of 10ft you capitalise on great approaches, save your pars when you hit decent short-game shots and don’t 3 putt. All these things will lower your scores and handicap at any level.

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