3 Big Reasons You Can’t Stop Slicing the Golf Ball (GOLF SLICE DRILLS)

We all hate dealing with a nasty golf slice, but how do you actually stop slicing the golf ball? 3 golfers could be slicing the golf ball for 3 different reasons, so we are going to walk through 3 reasons you may be slicing the golf ball, and give you some golf slice drills to help you learn how to hit fairways more consistently!

If you are ready to become a better golfer, these golf swing basics will help you turn that nasty slice into a nice high draw in no time! We are going to discuss 3 parts of the golf swing that can cause a slice:

– Golf Setup: your golf swing could be in trouble before it even starts
– Golf Takeaway: the beginning of your golf backswing can dictate the rest of your golf swing, so we show you one of our favorite golf backswing drills
– Golf Transition: one of the hardest parts of the swing to master for many amateur golfers

If you are ready to hit straighter shots, reduce handicap, and shoot lower scores, these 3 drills are just for you!

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