3 Big Distance Killers for Driver

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Hitting a nice solid drive is one of the most rewarding feelings in golf. Unfortunately for most casual golfers, getting the most out of your ball off the tee happens rather infrequently. What might you be doing in your golf swing to be leaking power and losing yards? PGA Professional Todd Kolb discusses 3 common power leaks for amateur golfers, including why each is happening and what you might want to do to fix them.

Angle of Attack – hitting up on the golf ball vs. hitting down
Unless you have world class club speed, there is a good chance that if you hit down on the golf ball at impact, you are already losing yards off the tee

Moving off the golf ball – pressure vs. weight
Pressure on the feet–or what you may refer to as weight–moving or swaying off the golf ball to try to get behind the ball. How might this be affecting your driver distance?

Poor Transition – the move from backstroke to downstroke
Knowing the concepts of a proper transition–as well as how you might be leaking power with a poor transition–can help you gain distance off the tee

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