In this driver tip, I’m talking about setting the backswing to hit the driver longer (this is a huge key). If you’re not set at the top you’re limiting your chances for more distance.

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As you watch this lesson I explain the 3 key things I’m thinking about in my backswing to set the club as well as the right thoughts to hit driver longer than ever. Most people are looking for power going back. If you’re thinking like this, you’ll never increase your driver distance.

You need to think differently going back and you need to be in a great top of the backswing position to then find the power coming down. Watch this tip and note the 3 things I’m thinking about to set the top of my backswing. Also, change the way you think when you’re hitting driver from now on. This different way of thinking and 3 driver keys will put you in a better position to hit the driver longer but straighter too.

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