2 golf tips for beginners on posture

2 golf tips for beginners on posture

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Spine Angle – Should be fairly straight from the tail-bone through the neck. Some slight bending is normal and natural, but you want to avoid excessive bending of the spine which leads to what we call “C” Curve or “S” curve

Arm Hang – Good Hip hinge will set the spine in a nice neutral set-up and this will in turn allow for the arms to hang down from the shoulder socket. Good posture has arm hanging with a slight bend in the elbow joint. No need for hyper extension in the arms – try to relax and let them hang a bit.

Hand Position – The hands should be far enough from your body to allow for lots of room for the swinging motion of the arms. Resist keeping the hands tucked in near the body as from this starting position they will have few options to travel on in the swing.

Knee Bend – A classic athletic lower body has slight knee bend – like an athlete about to jump. Poised and well balanced, not favoring the toes or heels but rather staying centered and strong in the lower body.

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