11 Sales Training Basics Beginners MUST Master

I’m going to share 11 sales training basics beginners must master. Be sure to download Marc’s incredible e-book on “25 Tips to Crush Your Sales Goal!” Just go here to get the e-book instantly:

11 Sales Training Basics Beginners Must Master

Number 1: what you’ve been told before is wrong. I promise you that this is the case. Whatever someone has told you in the past about what you should be doing in sales is probably wrong.

Number 2: be the complete opposite of what you think a salesperson is. What makes a capable salesperson is someone who can read people who can follow a process who can engage people in a conversation using a systematic approach.

Number 3: talk is cheap. Most salespeople think that having The Gift of Gab is the best thing that we can all have when it comes to selling but the reality is is that your prospects don’t want to hear you talk.

Number 4: have a system as a relatively newer salesperson. One of the best things that you can do is have a real selling system to follow if you’re making it up as you go you are shooting yourself in the foot follow a systematic approach to selling whether it’s my Approach or someone else’s approach. I don’t care but what I care. You have a system.

Number 5: do your homework. Show your prospects through personalization that you understand who they are that you’ve done your research. Now, this doesn’t mean that before you make every phone. You need to do 25 minutes of research, of course not at our company. We have a team of people who do our research for us.

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Number 6: ask questions. Now, of course, not all questions are created equal. So it doesn’t mean ask any questions but within a systematic approach you need to be asking questions, and you need to be engaging your prospects getting them doing the talking if.

Number 7: don’t be afraid to lose sales. I find that so many salespeople are terrified with the idea of losing a sale and you know what? It happens. It’s not the end of the world and quite frankly living in fear of losing a sale is going to make you so much weaker.

Number 8: don’t be a servant. Some so many salespeople feel like they need to put prospects up on a pedestal what they’re doing is not putting the prospect on the pedestal, but they’re getting down, and they’re bowing down like you would expect the servant in a movie.

Number 9: stop persuading your prospects. Prospects do not need to be persuaded to do business with you. What they need is a professional salesperson who will determine whether there’s a. Your prospects either need or do not need what you have.

Number 10: always be learning. Learning is a lifelong journey if you stop learning you’re in trouble. And with sales so much is changing that the second we stop learning. We just immediately get ourselves into trouble at our company. We’re always reading new books new strategies implementing new courses new ideas always be learning new ideas, especially if you’re relatively new in sales.

Number 11: never get comfortable. Ever the second you get comfortable with where you are is when you get into trouble, I see this in the life cycle of salespeople all the time.


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