🏌🏽Effective Driving Range Practice – 60 Second Golf Lesson #shorts

Effective Driving Range Practice – 60 Second Golf Lesson #shorts
Golf Tips – It really is a waste of time just practicing with your driver there are so many other clubs that you should be using in your game as well and you need to feel comfortable using each and every one of them but today we are just taliking about your woods and your hybrid.

It doesn’t matter if you only have time to practice once a month or eight times a month you must use this practice time wisely.

When you next go to the driving range, just look around you and notice what the majority of golfers are doing? They grab their driver and just shoot ball after ball.
What they are not doing is aiming to a chosen target.
What they are not doing is expanding their golfing skills.
What they are doing is wasting their time!

If you choose to practice driving then don’t just practice with your driver, don’t forget that you have three woods and probably a hybrid as well, practice with these as well.

Whilst practicing make a mental note of how far you can hit with each club, this knowledge is very useful on the golf course.

Golf Psychology the Candy makes videos showing you simple techniques that will show you how to build mental toughness in your game, this will not only improve your game results but will also make your golf more enjoyable. If you adopt each video’s hint, tip or technique that you will improve your mental golf game , which in turn will build your confidence.

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