🏌🏽 Beginners Golf Short Game Tips – 60 Second Golf Lesson #shorts

Beginners Golf Short Game Tips – Golf Mental Tips

Golf mental toughness comes from within and it isn’t just golf beginners that worry about their short game, most club golfers prefer the long hits where they think that it is their time to show how good at golf they are. Don’t be fooled into believing them – spend your time practicing the short game and you will be delivering some great golf in no time. The confidence that you get from the inner game of golf will take you ahead of the golfers who think that they need only train the physical part of their game.

Golf Psychology the Candy makes videos showing you simple techniques that will show you how to build mental toughness in your game, this will not only improve your game results but will also make your golf more enjoyable. If you adopt each video’s hint, tip or technique that you will improve your mental golf game , which in turn will build your confidence.
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