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Golf Tips for Beginners.
Hello, Golf Freaks out there!
We know you all have been trying to up your game.
So we are here with some sweet little tips and tricks that’ll take your game to a whole new level.

We will encourage you to watch the complete video until the end to understand complete details about how to play better golf?
But if you like to jump directly to a specific topic simply TAP on the Timestamps to watch that particular topic.
Dead Aim 0:12
Solid stance 0:21
Posture 0:32
Grip 0:41
Downswings with your hips 1:01
Driving range sessions 1:21
Use of lofted club 1:37
Par 3 course 2:20
Cavity-back clubs 2:37
Chip OR Pitch? 2:59

We will explain how to play better golf?

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